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FOUR PAWS demands:


An end to the trade in suffering puppies!

Europe-wide initiative of FOUR PAWS

Irresponsible business practices in the breeding and trading of puppies causes massive animal suffering across Europe. Large numbers of puppies die in the first months of their lives every year. The breeding and smuggling of dogs is big business, and is structured similarly to the Mafia.

FOUR PAWS therefore asks consumers to avoid buying cheap puppies! The black market will only end if there is no longer any demand for these animals.

At the same time, FOUR PAWS demands politicians take immediate effective steps to combat this illegal market.

Join the campaign! Support the initiative of FOUR PAWS!

We demand:

  • An EU-wide legally binding regulation for the registration, vaccination and identification of all dogs by microchip. Responsible breeders could then be identified and health risks for animals and humans could be reduced.
  • Until the EU-wide regulation can be implemented, an immediate strategy to identify and register all dogs should be implemented by each EU member state at national level. This should include microchip registration and a public registry. In addition, a basic level of healthcare for dogs should be implemented.
  • Legal standards for breeding and keeping dogs should be implemented in all member states – including a basic training for dog owners.
  • As an immediate measure, we demand the responsible EU authorities implement stronger controls for the breeding, transport and trade of puppies. Illegal activities need to be punished appropriately.