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The truth about fur

Even a little fur is animal cruelty
The fur trim on the hood of a trendy winder jacket or the small furry bobble on a chic winter hat cause an enormous amount of animal suffering! The trend in fashion is moving away from full coats or jackets, but the vast number of fur collars, ornaments or other “fluffy” accessories made of raccoon dog, fox or mink also cause immense animal torture.

There is no ethically correct fur
85 percent of the worldwide trade in furs from breeding farms, in which animals are prevented from living their species appropriate lifestyles. Even if a fur doesn’t come from the farms in Scandinavia, China, the Netherlands or other countries and instead is from hunting and trapping – there is always immense amounts of animal suffering associated with the obtaining of the fur e.g. through torturous hunting methods. These products have nothing to do with sustainable fashion.

Fur from Europe is not more animal friendly than fur from China
Even the completely in adequate requirements for fur farming in Europe are routinely ignored on fur farms. This has been proven by research conducted in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Time and time again there is documentation of animal protection violations with regard to the housing of the animals and evidence of behavioural problems as well as injured or dead animals.

Missing labelling
Real fur is often not labelled at all of the consumers are misled by wrong information being written on the label. When in doubt the consumers need to try to differentiate between ”Real fur or artificial fur” themselves. However, even if the species is labelled on the product, the geographical origins of where it was obtained are missing as are the conditions in which the animals were kept. Starting in November 2014, textiles across the EU will need to be labelled as coming from animals, but the more important information concerning the origins and keeping conditions of the animals will still be lacking.

Voluntary labelling or display fur farms are deceptive
On the so-called display farms run by the fur industry, the conditions the animals are kept in are no different from those on traditional fur farms. Even the label developed by the fur industry “Origin Assured” does no more than legitimise the absolute minimum requirements in animal husbandry and animal cruelty conditions on the farms.

Fur is not a natural product
The fur industry promotes its products as being especially environmentally friendly and all natural. Nothing could be further from the truth: Even the keeping of the animals on fur farms is associated with enormous environmental damage which often pollutes nearby waters. The production of fur fashions also uses an extremely high amount of chemicals and energy. Further information about poisons in fur can be found here.