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Egypt and Turkey: Real tourist paradises - except when it comes to beef

FOUR PAWS points to cruel slaughter practices and lack of hygiene in beef production

FOUR PAWS points to animal torture and a lack of hygiene in beef production by Egypt and Turkey due to the archaic slaughter practices in both countries. According to footage seen by the animal welfare organization, these practices are not only extremely cruel but also do not comply with  international standards. Eating beef in the two popular tourist destinations, therefore, must be considered as a risk, FOUR PAWS warns.

The material was originally sent to the organization Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) which passed it on to FOUR PAWS. The methods applied in the video are believed to be commonplace and show horrible scenes: Cows are beaten to death or stabbed in the neck instead of across the throat so that it takes several minutes for the animals to die. Another animal is already cut open while  it is still conscious and its calf pulled out of the abdomen; afterwards the calf is slaughtered, too.

“These practices are clearly a breach of the standards the World Organization for Animal Health has set up for the slaughtering of animals and that have been signed also by Egypt and Turkey”, criticizes Helmut Dungler, CEO and founder of FOUR PAWS. Therefore, FOUR PAWS will support an initiative by CIWF by sending an information letter  to the National Tourist Boards for Egypt and Turkey and asking them to contact the authorities of their country on this matter.

Already in 2009, the World Bank identified serious animal welfare problems and highly insanitary conditions at slaughterhouses in Egypt and Turkey in a report based on on-site visits. It also criticized the lack or inadequacy of inspections by veterinary staff or trained meat inspectors. This, according to the World Bank, creates a significant food safety risk  for consumers. Unfortunately, the World Bank has so far not taken any effective action.

“Better animal welfare also means improved food hygiene “, says Helmut Dungler. “So this matter is of high interest for all the tourists that go to Egypt or Turkey. They need to know that eating beef there involves  a certain risk and that the probability is high that the meat has not been produced according to Western standards.”