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Emergency Bear Rescue by FOUR PAWS in Kosovo


Animal welfare organisation brings the last eight restaurant bears to safety in under 24 hours

Today in Kosovo an emergency rescue team from the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS freed the last "restaurant bears" from captivity and transferred them to the new FOUR PAWS BEAR SANCTUARY. The team was supported by the Kosovo Environment Ministry and the KFOR, under police protection.

© © VIER PFOTEN | Mihai Vasile

In the new fifteen-hectare BEAR SANCTUARY, which FOUR PAWS is currently building, all fifteen restaurant bears still suffering in captivity should have been given a beautiful, species-appropriate new home in huge enclosures closely resembling their natural environment. Five of the fifteen "restaurant bears" have already recently moved in there.


However, a dramatic turn of events has forced the organisation to act extremely quickly: On Wednesday 22ndMay 2013 the Environment Ministry, together with the FOUR PAWS team, seized two bears from a mini zoo outside a restaurant in Prizren and transferred them to the BEAR SANCTUARY. But while this was happening, the two "restaurant bears" Rambo and Luta, leading a miserable existence outside a supermarket in Mitrovica, were killed by unscrupulous animal dealers. Their owner had sold the bears a week ago to the animal dealers for €500.


“We have to assume that Rambo and Luta’s owner had sold them to the animal dealers because he knew that they were about to be confiscated”, says Heli Dungler, founder and president of FOUR PAWS. “This horrendous act forced us to move lightning fast, as we now feared for the lives of the remaining eight "restaurant bears". Although the construction of the BEAR SANCTUARY isn’t finished yet, we’ve now taken all eight bears into our care.”

© © VIER PFOTEN | Mihai Vasile

Yesterday the FOUR PAWS emergency rescue team and the Environment Ministry seized two young male bears, Arusha and Balusha, from a dark concrete cage outside the Gryka hotel-restaurant in the Rugova Valley near Peja in western Kosovo. The smaller bear Balusha is in an extremely bad condition. He lost one eye in a fight with his fellow bear and he is nearly blind in the other eye. Afterwards, the team also freed a fifteen-month-old female bear, far too small for her age that lived in a tiny shed next to the Anika restaurant in Peja. The veterinarians had to put her on a drip before starting the one hour trip in the mobile animal clinic to the BEAR SANCTUARY.


This morning they freed five nameless bears from the Te Ariu restaurant in Prishtina.


“We’re very relieved to have been able to save these eight bears so quickly after the killing of Rambo and Luta", says Heli Dungler. “From now on they can live the life they deserve. Rescuing eight bears within the space of 24 hours is a major logistical challenge. Our team has done an outstanding job over the last few days. Above all I’d also like to thank the Kosovo authorities – we got the maximum possible support.”


All thirteen "restaurant bears" are doing well and were being housed in adaptation enclosures of several hundred square meters. In October 2013 the construction of a big outdoor enclosure started so that with spring 2014 the bears can explore their new home, a species appropriate area of several hectares.