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FOUR PAWS solution


In March 2016 FOUR PAWS took its first steps towards tackling this issue when it signed an agreement with the Albanian Ministry of Environment agreeing formally to work together to find a solution. Since then a lot has been achieved jointly: Six of the saddest bears have been rescued and housed safely, working on legal improvements and a sanctuary concept is ongoing and widespread public awareness for the situation of captive bears has been raised.

© FOUR PAWS | Hazir Reka

Here’s just some of the things we’ll be working towards to end the cruel, private-keeping of bears in Albania for good:


  • Calling for and supporting improved enforcement of existing laws affecting bears
  • Pushing for a new law banning the private keeping of bears and ensuring it is enforced properly
  • Continue with awareness work to support the process for sustainable change
  • Supporting the Albanian Ministry of Environment in establishing a bear rescue centre whereby FOUR PAWS will act as consultant and take on an expert role in the construction of a new species-appropriate facility with high keeping standards and quality control