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Bear cub Nastia brutally snatched from her mother


Update July 5th. 2012

The FOUR PAWS team arrived at the animal traders's 'zoo' and met Nastia for the first time. The situation was very tense for the team, although the traders responsible for Nastia's kidnapping were not on site. Bear cub Nastia experienced her first bite of an apple!!

Soon after our arrival, we managed to officially confiscate Nastia together with the authorities. Here´s a first picture:

FOUR PAWS is now taking care of Nastia. We sedated her so that we could perform a thorough health check on her. She is underfed, has problems with her teeth due to being fed the wrong food, and has intestinal and stomach problems.


We will keep you up to date about Nastia. But there is still a lot to do before she can live the life of a real bear!

Update July 3rd. 2012:

FOUR PAWS is working hard to rescue Nastia.

Our whole team is working hard to confiscate bear cub Nastia with the support of Ukrainian authorities and bring her back to her mother.

Nastia was brutally snatched from her mother and sold to animal traders. She is already in their hands. It’s looking more and more possible that both bears will soon be in the care of FOUR PAWS. Our FOUR PAWS team will provide them with the necessary medical care and food. Nastia needs to live together with her mother in a big enclosure suitable for their needs. The plan is that FOUR PAWS will build a new enclosure for them in the bear rehabilitation centre in Synevyr.

The transport, the medical treatment of the bears and the construction of the new enclosure will cost a lot of money. Only with your support will we be able to help Nastia and her mother.

Update July 1st. 2012:

The brutal business of trading animals: Female bears are used as baby producers

Nastia’s mother Masha is the second victim of ruthless greed

We all feel for Nastia who was snatched away from her mother. The young cub is still traumatized – as the FOUR PAWS video shockingly reveals. However, there is another victim in this story: It’s Nastia’s mother, Masha.

As the director of Lutsk zoo says bluntly in an interview, female bears are regarded as mere baby producers. In the wild a female bear only gives birth every three years and remains with her cubs for two years. The bears in Lutsk are forced to have babies every year due so that profits can be made with the offspring. The consequence is not only that, as the zoo director confirms, females have health problems and are simply worn out, but they also have to watch powerlessly as their children are taken away far too early. This causes extreme psychological distress and leads to constant mourning, year after year.

Masha, Nastia’s mother, can clearly be seen panicking as her baby is torn away from her in the FOUR PAWS video. We can only imagine what she’s going through. As with humans and many other mammals, the maternal instinct is very strong in bears, and losing their baby can cause great damage to their psychological health. To suffer a loss of a baby every year is something nobody would want to experience.

As mentioned above: There are two victims in this story – we must not and shall not forget this. FOUR PAWS will do everything it can to ensure a reunion between Nastia and Masha.

Update June 29th 20:00:

At this moment, we are pulling out all the stops: Our head of the Ukraine project Dr. Khalil is in permanent contact with authorities and other institutions to initiate a confiscation as quickly as possible. As soon as we can say anything more definite, we will go public with all the information.

We will do all we can to bring the bear cub back to her mother.