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Potap enjoys his new life

Potap, the three year old brown bear saved by a rescue team from FOUR PAWS, has settled in well and enjoys his life in the Ukrainian bear rehabilitation centre Synevyr, where he now has contact with other bears.

Before his rescue on 27 february 2012, Potap lived in squalid conditions in a tiny cage on the premises of a private sports club in the Ukrainian town of Luhansk. He was extremely malnourished and had an open wound on his neck. After his arrival in the bear rehabilitation centre Potap needed some time to regain strength and to adapt to the new environment.After a couple of days he took his first steps into a large enclosure. He obviously liked it there: he started running and playing in the snow. The FOUR PAWS team decided to introduce him to the young bear Bubachka. It was the first time in his life that he had met a bear. After only a few minutes the two became friends and played together in the snow for hours. Potap’s wound on his neck has now healed, and day by day he becomes stronger. From now on he will live a free and happy life together with other bears according to best animal welfare practise.


There are about 100 brown bears living in very poor captive conditions across Ukraine. Potap is the second bear saved by FOUR PAWS. The animal welfare organisation has set itself the target of saving all Urkainian bears living in private captive conditions. With the support of the Ukrainian authorities we aim to offer the bears a happy life.