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An international team of veterinarians examined 9 of the bears from the Dancing Bears Park near Belitsa


© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

Over the past two days dentist Dr. Mark Loose and veterinarian Dr. Frank Göritz, together with an international team of veterinarians from Austria, Bulgaria and Germany made a thorough examination of 9 of the animals accommodated in the Dancing Bears Park.

On Saturday, the German experts examined under general anesthesia Monty, the youngest bear in the shelter of FOUR PAWS and the foundation of Brigitte Bardot, as well as Standy and Boyka, who were rescued last year from a neglected zoo near the city of Rousse. For them this was the first such examination. On Sunday next in line were Seida, Mariana, Natasha, Elena, Boby and Stefan. The general condition of the teeth of the 9 bears is good. The canines of Standy and Monty had cavities that were filled. One of Stefan’s teeth had to be removed.

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

During the examination with ultrasound a small tumor was discovered and removed in the oral cavity of Mariana. Seida, who was rescued from Serbia, had detachment of the lens in one eye and cataract in the other. The veterinarians confirmed the diagnosis and the poor condition of sight of the second Serbian bear - Natasha. One eye was pierced and leaked out while she was still a dancing bear, and the other has an advanced form of cataract. Surgery would be too risky for Natasha due to her age.

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

The Dancing Bears Park was founded in 2000 as a result of the efforts of FOUR PAWS and the foundation of the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot. The aim was to rescue all bears used for the entertainment of tourists in Bulgaria. In 2007, the last dancing bears from Bulgaria were accommodated in the park, and in the following years the park sheltered dancing bears from neighboring Serbia and bears kept illegally by private individuals or in zoos in Bulgaria. 26 animals are accommodated on an area of 12 hectares, having at their disposal the best and closest to the natural environment living conditions.

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