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The bear cubs Victoria, Miladin and Kostadin walked on grass for the first time


© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

The three bears from the zoo in the city of Pleven will have a new home for the coming months. FOUR PAWS team transported 5-year-old Victoria, Miladin and Kostadin to the zoo of Dobrich because their current cage will be completely reconstructed. After the repairs are carried out the bears will be brought back to Pleven. FOUR PAWS is the only organization which has a license to transport bears in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe and the employees at the Dancing Bears Park near Belitsa have broad experience in transporting animals.

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

The animals were calm during transportation and got accustomed quickly to their new home. For the first time in their lives they walked on grass and natural soil and really enjoyed the experience. In the indisputably best Bulgarian zoo they will have at their disposal an enclosure of 3000 sq. m. with a pool and tall trees they could climb. During their stay in Dobrich Victoria, Miladin and Kostadin will be put on a special diet prepared by the FOUR PAWS experts. The organization will cover the expenses for feeding the three animals. The zoo in Pleven took the engagement that until 2025 they will not breed brown bears because there are too many animals of that species kept in captivity. The agreement between FOUR PAWS and the zoos in Pleven and Dobrich is another successful step in the improvement of the living conditions for zoo bears. In 2014 FOUR PAWS sheltered Gabriela and Nasko – two bears from the zoo in Plovdiv, which will stay in the Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa until the reconstruction of the whole zoo in the oldest city in Bulgaria is over.

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