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The bear Maria passed away


At the end of last week Maria, the oldest inhabitant in Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa passed away.

Maria was born in 1983 in a zoo in Plovdiv and was sold to Roma family which trained the little one to become dancing bear. She is one of the almost 30 bears rescued from these tortures thanks to the efforts of FOUR PAWS and the foundation of Brigitte Bardot FBB in 2005. Maria spent the last 9 years of her life in Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa.

Maria's health condition visibly deteriorated in the past two months - she was very weak, not able to keep balance well, walking was very hard for her and she was losing weight every day.

© FOUR PAWS | Desislav Chervenkov

The team of the Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa immediately started medical treatment. She was examined with a portable X-ray scan to avoid unnecessary stress of transporting her to Sofia but the results did not confirm the cause of her condition.

The condition of Maria did not improve after the treatment and she was still losing weight so the only option to make a precise diagnosis remained the CT and X-ray scanning in Sofia in one of the biggest and best equipped vet clinics, run by the dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Forestry.

The results from the full examination showed that she had severe form of exostosis as well as protrusion of the spine. The results from the scanning were a cause for great concern about Maria's future, as according to all specialists she was suffering immense pain in the back which could not be relieved.


The heart of Maria failed shortly after the team brought her back to the Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa.