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Ruthless criminals kidnap Slovenian baby bear

Ruthless criminals kidnap Slovenian baby bear

A few weeks ago, a young bear was allegedly discovered by a Slovenian family, which was prepared to raise him. The authorities confiscated the animal because the keeping conditions were not suitable for a bear. Now the young bear has vanished from his temporary enclosure, just one day before a FOUR PAWS team arrived to implement a solution which had been arranged in cooperation with the authorities.

The bear, known as „Lucky“, was to be raised in the family's yard alongside a dog and children – a worrying idea for any animal lover, and which poses obvious practical problems. „Bears are wild animals and cannot be domesticated“, explains Johanna Stadler, director of FOUR PAWS. „After just a few weeks in such unfamiliar surroundings, young animals are so psychologically damaged that they can no longer be returned to the wild. Within a year, a bear grows so large that it becomes dangerous to both animals and humans “.


FOUR PAWS therefore put all its efforts into finding a sustainable solution, and the first steps were to be implemented this week. The secrecy surrounding the project proved fruitless: on Sunday night, Lucky was kidnapped and has not been seen since.

Lucky was to be transferred to the bear orphanage in Harghita, Romania, a plan which now seems impossible to realise. The orphanage, founded and supported by FOUR PAWS for many years, prepares orphaned bears for a return to the wild. The process is based on patience and professionalism, as well as the most recent scientific discoveries. After several years of intensive care designed especially for bears, the animals are returned to the wild and are then able to live according to their nature. 


„Every day counts. If Lucky is not placed in the care of highly trained bear experts soon, he will face the same fate so many of his species suffer: captivity in someone's back yard, or death“, says Johanna Stadler. FOUR PAWS asks people with relevant information to come forward, either by contacting or Mr. Galinec of the Slovenian police in Celje by phone on 00386-41760083.