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The Bear Orphan Station - FOUR PAWS lays the cornerstone for a life of freedom

FOUR PAWS has started a unique bear conservation project deep within the untouched countryside in north-eastern Romania, called the Bear Orphan Station. From now on, orphan bear cubs will be raised without human influence in Harghita, to be released into the wild when they have reached the appropriate age. So far thirteen bears have already been integrated into this project.

There are about 5,000 bears thought to be living in the forests of Carpathia and Transylvania. But the population of brown bears in Romania is threatened daily by poachers and by damage done to the brown bears' habitat.


Human interference, either by way of poachers or land developers, has either killed or removed many bears, often adults, from the forest. Bear cubs need their mothers in order to survive, and become orphans most often due to human actions, rather than natural causes.

If humans happen to come across one of these orphaned bears, the cub's fate is most likely sealed; the bear will spend its life in a zoo, a circus, or in private captivity, thus living out the rest of its life as a prisoner.