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Three bear cubs have been brought to BEAR ORPHAN STATION Harghita


With support of FOUR PAWS, the three Serbian bear cubs have been brought to the BEAR ORPHAN STATION Harghita, where they are now being prepared for their return to the wild. In May, the three bears, Tara, History and Sleepy, who were all about five months old, were discovered by police, motherless in the village Čulije in South Serbia. 26 bears in total, are currently waiting to be released to the outdoors.

The three bear cubs have already recovered a litte and are very playful.
© FOUR PAWS | Leonardo Bereczky

Mother shot or chased away

Until their transfer to Romania the three little bears were accommodated transitionally at the zoo Palic. When they arrived there, they were very small and skinny. Tara, the smallest of the three, weighed no more than 2,8 kilogrammes. Sadly it is assumed that the mother of the bear cubs was killed by poachers or chased away. The bears have already recovered a little. They are already eating well and are very playful.

Trees are absolutely attractive to the tiny bears.
© FOUR PAWS | Leonardo Bereczky

Prepared for return to the wild

The competent ministry reacted immediately and asked FOUR PAWS for help. As there is currently no special establishment for the rehabilitation of bear orphans in Serbia. The international animal welfare organisation offered to bring the bears to the BEAR ORPHAN STATION Harghita in Romania where they are prepared for their release into the nature. Carsten Hertwig, bear expert at FOUR PAWS, is very happy about this humane solution for the three bear cups: “Now the bears can be prepared optimally for their later life in the wild. We are confident that they will develop well and really be able to be released to the outdoors.”

Minimum contact to humans

To minimise the contact of the bear orphans to humans as much as possible Harghita is situated in a very isolated location. The three new arrivals were therefore flown in from the airport Arad (directly to the bear sanctuary in the North of Romania.

26 bears in total are currently living in the BEAR ORPHAN STATION Harghita.
© FOUR PAWS | Leonardo Bereczky

Flagship project for bears

The special bear conservation project with the BEAR ORPHAN STATION Harghita was started in 2004 in the untouched nature of Northern Romania. There orphaned bear cubs find a temporarily home and are prepared optimally for their release back into the wild. In an area covering several hectares the bear orphans are able to grow up in enclosures in an untouched natural environment, without human influence. The timing of the release depends on the individual development and typically occurs around the age of two years. To further monitor them after their release all bears are fitted with a transmitter. They all are freed into the wooded hills.


Until their release to the nature, Tara, History and Sleepy have enough time to enjoy their stay at the BEAR ORPHAN STATION playing with other bear cubs. Contrary to the other bears, the three bear cubs remain in possession of the Serbian State and will be brought back and released into the wild there.