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Big Cats

As part of FOUR PAWS’ work for wild animals in captivity, we focus on the situation of big cats in zoos, in private captivity and in the entertainment industry.


Our first successful action took place in 2002, when four lion cubs used for taking photos with tourists were sent from Romania to a sanctuary in South Africa. Ever since then, FOUR PAWS has increasingly stepped in more on this issue and has undertaken research in several countries in order to collect information about the conditions and numbers of big cats in captivity.


In November 2007, our first transfer or “rescue action” with two lions from Romania, and ten lions from Austria took place. In the meantime our Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK in South Africa is now home to more than 90 big cats. Furthermore, we concentrate on collecting more information on big cats around the world, and will increase our network with other big cat sanctuaries and big cat experts.

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