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FOUR PAWS rescues lioness Bagira from Pavlikeni

The FOUR PAWS Foundation will take care of the sick lioness Bagira in the Bulgarian town of Pavlikeni’s zoo. That was the result from an examination of the animal’s condition, organized by the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters in the town of Veliko Tarnovo together with representatives of the international organization. The check was launched after several media stories, concerning the poor health of the 17-year old Bagira.


Bagira was examined by an international team of famous experts, brought to Pavlikeni by FOUR PAWS. Dr. Amir Khalil, manager of LIONSROCK arrived exclusively, too. A team from Sofia’s University of Forestry, headed by Prof. Aminkov did X-ray of Bagira. It will help to diagnose the reason for the animal’s overall poor condition.

Bagira’s health is in an alarming state due mainly to the living conditions, says Dr. Khalil. „The lioness cannot move freely in the cage, the hygiene is not good, there is no ventilation of the internal space either. Bagira hasn’t been eating too much through the past few months and has spent most of this time lying. Hence she lost too much weight and some wounds appeared in the pelvic area. The animal also has spinal problems and faces difficulties to hold its urine. Despite all this, there is a great chance for Bagira to start feeling better, as long as the correct treatment is being carried out and the living conditions are improved."

The vets treated Bagira’s wounds right away and started a restorative treatment. The lioness will be moved to Sofia by the end of the month, then undergo scanner examination, so that her treatment can continue. Then, provided her condition is stable, in the beginning of 2011 Bagira will be transported to LIONSROCK. Bagira will be able to spend at the sanctuary the remaining few years of her life peacefully. FOUR PAWS will rely on donations from Bulgaria and abroad since the treatment and the cares of Bagira in Bulgaria’s capital city will be expensive.


When Bagira is moved to Sofia her cage will be sealed and the zoo in Pavlikeni won’t get another license to take care of big cats due to the poor conditions. That was the decision of the commission from the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters in the town of Veliko Tarnovo, after its representatives had checked the facility.

Please support our efforts to hep Bagira. Your donation will make the difference for her:

Raiffeisen Bank Bulgaria,

Saborna Branch,

IBAN (BGL): BG88RZBB91551060388714
IBAN (EUR): BG76RZBB91551460388703