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FOUR PAWS transfers lioness Bagira to Sofia

A FOUR PAWS’ international expert team transferred today lioness Bagira from the town of Pavlikeni to the capital Sofia. This was the next stage from the rescuing operation for the saving of the 14-year old big cat, whose critical condition generated wide public response not only in Bulgaria.

Bagira’s condition has improved significantly for the past fortnight, according to Dr. Amir Khalil, Manager of the LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. “The lioness is healthy enough now to bear the anesthesia and the following trip to Sofia. She will recover much better from her wounds at the Sofia Zoo, where experts will be able to take constant care of her.”

At her arrival to Sofia Bagira was taken to one of the biggest veterinary clinics, where she was put under general anesthesia and examined with a tomograph by Prof. Bogdan Aminkov. The pictures confirmed FOUR PAWS vets’ suspicion for problems and changes in the lioness’ spine that also caused Bagira’s unstable gait and her wounds due to forced lying on the ground.

Mr. Helmut Dungler, founder and president of FOUR PAWS, attended the rescue operation and was really satisfied with its successful ending.

„I am really happy that FOUR PAWS managed to transport Bagira to the Sofia Zoo“ – words of Mr. Dungler. „Due to our cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria we will be able to prepare Bagira for the LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. If the lioness’ health stabilizes completely through the next few weeks, she will fly to LIONSROCK in the beginning of February 2011.“

FOUR PAWS has started to take care of Bagira since November 2010, when a veterinary team of the international organization examined the animal at the Pavlikeni Zoo and started a treatment. The animal’s diet was also improved and representatives of the foundation provided regular veal and subproduct meals. The result of these cares was the stabilization of Bagira’s condition that eased its transportation to Sofia.

Bagira will have to remain and be treated at the Sofia Zoo till 2011. Then in February next year she is expected to fly to South Africa, where best experts will make sure that the lioness lives her final years in peace and freedom.

FOUR PAWS’ representatives would like to express their gratitude to the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water. Its cooperation proved to be essential for the rescuing operation, as well as the efforts of the team of Pavlikeni Zoo’s employees, who had taken the best possible care of the lioness despite the financial difficulties.

Please support our efforts to help Bagira. Your donation will make the difference for her:

Raiffeisen Bank Bulgaria,

Saborna Branch,

IBAN (BGL): BG88RZBB91551060388714
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