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Seven new lions rescued by FOUR PAWS

Hope, Arandas , Muhawish, Amra and Khawla have arrived safely at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary after a long journey that started with their rescue in January this year from terrible captivity conditions. Accompanied by Her Royal Highness, Princess Alia and Sharifa Sarra Ghazi, the young cubs took their first tentative steps into their new home, their transport crate being opened by the Princess, just as the sun was beginning to set.


The group of onlookers watched quietly as the cubs explored their new territory at the Sanctuary. They were released into a smaller area at first so that the LIONSROCK team can monitor their adaption, behavior and health condition for the first period where after they will be released into a larger area.

For Mario and Marion, two lions from a zoo in France, LIONSROCK is now a safe haven from the notorious canned hunting industry for which they were destined. It was discovered by FOUR PAWS that they were to be sold to a lion breeding farm in the Free State, South Africa. After presenting findings of an investigation to the authorities and the zoo, it was agreed that the lions would be safe at LIONSROCK.


The lions were very agitated after their long journey, growling in their transport crates. Arriving in the morning at the Cargo area in Johannesburg, they still had to make the 3 hour journey by truck to LIONSROCK. The first crate was opened by the vet from the Zoo where he had spent the first three years of his life. For a while, Mario turned his back to the onlookers who stood quietly urging him to come out. Suddenly with a growl, he sprang from the crate and into his new home. After the impressive and fierce Mario moved through the area he settled down and was later joined by Marion, who was just too shy to come out of her crate until the most of the people left.

The arrival of these lions brings the total number living at LIONSROCK to 68 lions, all rescued from atrocious conditions from around the world. “We are delighted that these lions now have the chance to live a life of peace and dignity, with other lions and safe from cruelty” said Mr Helmut Dungler, Founder of FOUR PAWS.