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A new life for four lions and two tigers


For the first time ever, FOUR PAWS has brought a lion family with young cubs to the South African sanctuary LIONSROCK. Along with two tigers, the four lions were rescued from certain death after the zoo in the Romanian town of Onesti was shut down. After a life of inadequate keeping and malnutrition, the six big cats have now been successfully transferred to South Africa. All of them have coped well with the long journey via Vienna, Zurich and Johannesburg and are currently under the observation of the highly skilled FOUR PAWS staff on site. They receive large meals and excellent medical care to make sure they will soon be able to fully enjoy their new lives in LIONSROCK.

The two young female lions were released into the adaptation area first. Hera fearlessly stepped out of her transport crate and started calling for her parents, while her sister Sara stayed behind and waited a bit longer. Their mother Siba and father Tarzan soon followed suit. None of them has ever seen a concrete-free environment before, nor are they used to a lot of space. In the coming weeks they will have time to explore their new home and everything it offers, before they will be transferred to a larger, permanent enclosure.

Tigers like to swim

The two tigers, Tomi and Riuua, have been companions for a long time and it was a beautiful sight to see them so joyfully reunited. They wasted no time in getting to know their grounds. Soon after their release they were already swimming in the pond, cooling off and diving right into their new life, in which they won’t have to suffer anymore. The transfer of the two groups now brings the number of tigers in LIONSROCK up to 6, along with 83 lions.