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Goodbye, Suga!


Goodbye, Suga!
After a long life, Suga the oldest lion at LIONSROCK left us at the age of 23. Before she came to LIONSROCK, Suga was living in a small private zoo in the mountainous region of Austria. When that zoo was closed down because of inappropriate keeping conditions, the authorities asked FOUR PAWS for help and in March 2009 Suga was transferred to LIONSROCK together with her two sisters Bonnie and Clyde. We are happy that fate gave Suga a long life so she could spend her last years with us in dignity and human care. She is an example that it is never too late to make a difference in a lion’s life!


By that time Suga was already 17 years old. Confident and mature she led her small pride fearlessly into their new life at the sanctuary.


© FOUR PAWS | Hildegard Pirker

When Suga was 19 and did not want to give up her leadership, the two sisters teamed up against her and we had to relocate her to a separate enclosure. Since then she has been living in our special care unit.


Although she was the oldest lion at LIONSROCK Suga was still strong and in surprisingly good health


But 23 is an age which lions rarely attain and when her condition finally started to deteriorate we were ready to be there for her on her last journey.