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Rescued from starvation: FOUR PAWS helps again in Gaza


Update, 2016-12-02

After providing food and medical care for 40 animals at Khan Younis Zoo in South Gaza, FOUR PAWS now also helped around 75 animals in another desolate zoo in the area this week. 


Besides some lions, there are also hyenas, monkeys, foxes, dogs, parrots and other birds at the zoo. Similar to Khan Younis many animals at Rafah Zoo already died from starvation during the last months.






Laziz is nervously running up and down in his desolate cage.

Animal welfare organisation steps in to help 40 animals in need at Khan Younis Zoo in Gaza

For weeks, the emaciated tiger has only been fed on frozen chicken – if at all. He is the only surviving tiger at Khan Younis Zoo in South Gaza. Many animals, including Laziz’s partners, have died in recent weeks. There is virtually no food left, no fresh water and no medicine. Moreover, Gaza is experiencing an especially harsh winter with heavy rainfalls, which takes a lot out of the already weakened and hungry animals.

Meat was bought for the big cats, but also corn.

Again, help will be provided by FOUR PAWS

Together with local supporters, the international animal welfare organisation has organised a large supply of animal feed, which will help get the zoo animals through the next weeks. Meat was bought for the big cats, but also corn. Last Sunday, the feed could be distributed to the approximately 40 surviving animals that inhabit the zoo. Besides the tiger, there are also leopards, foxes, porcupines, apes, eagles and other birds. The feeding will be repeated weekly for the next four weeks. Moreover, the FOUR PAWS team were able to bring urgently needed medicine for the animals from Jordan to Gaza.

Besides the tiger, there are also leopards, foxes, porcupines, apes, eagles and other birds.

Despite Gaza being so small, there are six zoos there.

Most exotic animals were once smuggled from Egypt zo Gaza via underground tunnels. The situation has worsened since our last mission in April 2015. According to estimates, there were still 40 big cats in summer 2015. Now, it is said that there are only 15 left! Due to the bad weather there were no visitors at Khan Younis Zoo, which meant that the privately kept zoo did not have any income.

FOUR PAWS will continue to work on a sustainable solution for all wild animals in Gaza.

Because of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip entry and exit to the area is very strictly regulated

In the coming days FOUR PAWS will also supply much needed food and medicine to another needy zoo in Gaza, Rafah Zoo, which is also inhabited by four lions.  We would like to help all zoo animals, but we only have limited resources. We have already started an international call for donations and are urgently asking for support.