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Day 1: FOUR PAWS emergency rescue team arrives in the Philippines


Two weeks after the devastating typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, thousands of people are still struggling for survival. The extent of the destruction is enormous. Thousands of animals who are the livelihood of many of these people, in particular farm animals, are also affected.

On Monday night a FOUR PAWS emergency rescue team arrived in Manila to provide assistance. Project leader Dr. Amir Khalil and his veterinary team want to quickly assess the situation and discuss with the authorities where aid is most urgently needed. Target-orientated and sustainable aid shall be provided quickly.

Their first reports only a few hours after their arrival in Manila are shocking. Many areas are still inaccessible to aid workers and both human and animal corpses have been visible.


The fate of humans and animals is closely connected; for example between farm animals and the rural population. Many of the farm animals in the Philippines are kept in small farms. These mainly consist of cattle, water buffalos, pigs, goats, chicken and ducks. Many farms have been destroyed by the typhoon.


"There is a risk of disease, and also of zoonosis; these are infectious diseases which could be transferred from animals to humans",explains Dr. Amir Khalil. The FOUR PAWS team wants to quickly initiate the most important steps to save as many farm animals as possible and therefore help people. "Our emergency plan consists first of treating wounded animals and to vaccinate as many animals as possible", says Dr. Khalil. "Furthermore, we want to help the farmers with the reconstruction of their farms by restoring water supply, repairing stables and providing sufficient food."

The FOUR PAWS emergency rescue team is also equipped to help other animals in need, such as domestic, stray and zoo animals.