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Day 2: Team is heading towards Palawan


© Wikimedia

On the first day of our mission “Save animals, help people”, the FOUR PAWS emergency rescue team had some important meetings with  ambassadors in Manila, as well as with government representatives and local animal welfare organisations. During various discussions, we attempted  to get an overview of where help was needed the most. While the disaster is huge and help is needed almost everywhere, we decided that our first mission will lead us to the island of Palawan – and that’s where our team is  heading to now.


Palawan was strongly affected by the typhoon, but there are no first aid teams there as yet.  The town of Coron has been badly hit, and  there’s an increasing  concern over the impact on hundreds of farm animals. But once we have a clearer picture, we will send  you a more detailed report which will include  full coverage!