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Day 3: We split into two teams


One team headed to the Municipalities Coron and Busuanga. Both regions are strongly affected; houses are severely damaged or completely destroyed, many without roofs, and there are broken trees everywhere. When talking to officials as well as local people, everyone l reacts positively to our mission as helping animals, – particularly the so called backyard animals (farm animals held by locals), is seen as also removing pressure from the people who have difficulties to satisfy their most basic needs and can’t even feed their animals.


The second team was asked by local representatives to inspect the situation at the Calauit wildlife sanctuary which was strongly hit by the typhoon, but no one has yet had the chance to provide any care for the animals at the site. It must have been a beautiful place prior to the typhoon, now leaving a vast island destroyed. There are hundreds of animals, including zebras, giraffes, deer, as well as cattle, some of which were injured and left in total chaotic conditions.

The distances are enormous, infrastructure significantly damaged which makes it even more difficult to send images back. Electricity is often cut off, making it a huge challenge logistically to organise first aid, including especially large amounts of animal food concentrates. However, after discussing our findings with the locals, we develop first action plans to organise what is needed to improve the situation in this particular region for both animals and people.