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Day 7 and 8: Malbato and Coron


December 2 & 3

On December the 2nd, one of our teams was working in the village Malbato, which is in the region of Bintuan and around thirty minutes away from Coron by car. Around 100 families received food for their farm animals, which means that more than 200 farm animals can be fed with the food we have given them for about two weeks. Furthermore, 439 animals were treated medically and sixteen dogs and one monkey received a rabies vaccination.


Our veterinarian Marina describes her impressions as follows: "In my point of view, our biggest success was that we managed to get 1000 rabies vaccines from the government of the Philippines, as they were only able to vaccinate 130 dogs on the island of Busuanga until now, in 2013. The impact we can achieve here is big, as one bag of rice for humans costs the same as one bag of food for farm animals. The people that our help reaches are very thankful for what we are doing and it is evident that our help is needed urgently, as there are hundreds of people waiting for us."


Lita Cabero, a wife of a vegetable farmer, received our help already as she visited us to acquire food and veterinary care for her two carabaos, two dogs, one pig and fifteen chickens:  "I am very happy and grateful for the help given by FOUR PAWS. I am very glad to know that my animals are now well catered for, for some time to come". Even Yuri Palance, the provincial councellor of Malbato, demonstrated why our help is so desperately needed: "People already received relief goods for humans from local organisations, but no food for their animals. We are really happy that the organisation FOUR PAWS is here.”


The following day, December the3rd, started again with organising food supplies in Coron. The team succeeded to organise nine tonnes of food for farm animals, additional medicine and three tonnes of food for giraffes at the wildlife park in Calauit, which will arrive by courier directly from Manila to Calauit. Then, our team was divided again; the first team travelled by car to Salvacion to arrange accommodation, while the second team organised the transport of 3.2 tonnes using two boats. The delivery will be shipped for the food giving on December 4th.