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A new, loving home for the mares of Corbeanca


ЧЕТИРИ ЛАПИ и румънската група за защита на животните GIA успяха да намерят подходящи приемни семейства за всички кобили, предложени наскоро за осиновяване. След драматичното спасяване на 26 коня, гледани в ужасни условия, както и последвалата няколкомесечна съдебна битка за попечителството им, три двойки животни останаха под грижите на двете организации. Всички тези шест коня се нуждаят от специални грижи и адекватни условия за отглеждане. Това направи търсенето на нов дом за тях относително трудно.

However, by the end of last year both Easy and Alba, aged 12 and 14, and the two older mares, Regina and Babone, were adopted by two committed families who can provide them with everything they need to recover from the suffering they endured. The two stallions Coelan and Big Belly are still being cared for in Corbeanca, while the team on site is still hoping to find a good long-term solution for them.


Regina and Babone are in their mid-twenties, a respectable age for horses, and needed a quiet, spacious paddock where they could spend their final years in dignity and safe from harm. After the adoption formalities and background checks were completed to everyone’s satisfaction, FOUR PAWS team members and GIA brought them to a farm in Frumusani, near Bucharest. Here they now have a big yard all to themselves and a cordial family that takes care of them.

Learning to trust again

The younger mares Easy and Alba, both known for their healthy temper, were adopted by people living near Braşov. Provided with newly built, modern stables, they finally learn to trust humans again and enjoy playing outside all day long. The large surrounding area offers them plenty of space to live according to their needs. The dedicated FOUR PAWS staff who handled this emergency intervention, is very content with the outcome and happy that the future of the four mares is in good hands.