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FOUR PAWS team in Cardon

Hoof trimming for the Letea foals

© VIER PFOTEN/Luana Udrescu

Now that a cold and long winter has come to an end, a FOUR PAWS team travelled back to the village of Cardon, where four of the Letea horses are still being tended to by a local caretaker. The foals have recovered well over the months, but their hooves needed urgent attention because they had grown too much made moving painful and difficult for them.

When trimming hooves, it is important that the shape of the natural hoof is recreated best as possible in order to give the animals' heavy bodies balance. Their overall health condition was also reassessed and given a clean bill. Last year, the group was considered too young and fragile to be released back into their natural habitat along with their herd, after a straining ordeal ended with FOUR PAWS being able to save most of the horses.

Treatment of local dogs
While working in the Letea area, the FOUR PAWS team was contacted by several residents about an outbreak of distemper among their dogs. Distemper is very difficult to treat and it is quite a risk for unvaccinated dogs who may not survive the treatment or suffer permanent neurological dysfunctions. Fortunately, the dogs in Letea took the intravenous interventions and administration of antibiotics well and are now doing fine.

© VIER PFOTEN/Luana Udrescu

© VIER PFOTEN/Luana Udrescu