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Horses in the care of FOUR PAWS

Five yearlings in need of a loving home

FOUR PAWS is looking for experienced horse-lovers, willing to adopt foals that are currently being cared for in Romania.

When the five animals were very young, they had to witness the brutal abduction of their entire herd, which separated them from their mothers. FOUR PAWS was able to save most of the wild horses and re-release them in their natural habitat in the Danube Delta, but their offspring was now completely dependent on human care. Their immune systems had been weakened by the sadness, fear and loneliness they had to cope with and several of them didn’t live through the abuse. But the survivors are now yearlings - and five of them are still waiting for a new life.

Fed from the bottle and treated by FOUR PAWS veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu, the foals were facing the next challenge of making it through a very cold winter. A temporary placement in a foster home was arranged, where volunteers continued to look after them with ceaseless effort. Here, they found very good living conditions, medical care and food supplies. FOUR PAWS covered all the cost, while their state improved further and further. They are now ready for adoption, but five of them couldn’t be placed within Romania. After such a long fight for the well-being of these young animals, everyone involved is hoping that all of them can find a permanent, loving home.

Adoptive parents wanted!

These are well-behaved, curious and playful young horses, all aged between 15 and 16 months, who deserve a new start and a life without cruelty and suffering. FOUR PAWS is hoping that as many as possible will be able to stay in pairs or groups.


© FOUR PAWS / Alexandra Floares

A calm, obedient girl who loves the company of other horses, as well as dogs and cats. Marusia enjoys running in groups, and she’s very attached to Rainey. Pellets for foals are her favorite food.


© FOUR PAWS / Alexandra Floares

Rainey is the smallest of the foals and a little behind in his development. He is very calm and gentle - and also very attached to his foster sister Marusia. Rainey never makes any trouble, almost as if he were invisible. He does resemble a young reindeer a little, hence his name.

Steluta (“Little Star”)

© FOUR PAWS / Alexandra Floares

Steluta may well be the most beautiful foal from the Danube Delta. She has red hair with a white star on her forehead and a sharp mind. She is a brave girl, very adventurous, yet well-behaved.

Negrutu’ (“The Dark One”)

© FOUR PAWS / Alexandra Floares

Negrutu’ is the most sociable of the horses. He enjoys being around people and is extremely curious and inquisitive. Whenever something strikes him as interesting, he has to come closer to inspect it thoroughly.


© FOUR PAWS / Alexandra Floares

At 16 months of age, Mara is the oldest in the group – she is very independent and jolly. Mara has developed a lot faster than her foster siblings. She loves to roll in the snow, or in fact, in anything she can find. Even though she is not one of the most sociable horses, she never made any attempt to upset anyone. She does enjoy the company of other horses and dogs, though.