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Successful adoption at Christmas time

Romanian yearlings have a new home!

After a long search, FOUR PAWS has managed to find new owners for a group of horses that has been through much suffering. The animals had been cared for by FOUR PAWS team members for over a year. As foals they were separated from their mothers when their flock was caught and locked up illegally. Thanks to months of intense efforts most of the wild horses could be saved in 2011. But for the traumatised young ones, a life in freedom was not an option anymore. Experienced specialists looked after them until their condition had improved to a point when they could be put up for adoption. Just in time for Christmas, the endeavour succeeded for all of them. Negrutu and Steluta now live on a nice paddock in Romania, while Marusia and Mara have found a new home in Southern Hungary.

The young animals had been hand-raised and were experiencing difficulties in coping with what they had experienced. FOUR PAWS vet Ovidiu Rosu did everything to get on top of their weakened immune systems. With the help of donations and volunteers on site, they ended up making it through the unusually cold winter of last year. In the course of this summer, it became evident that they had made crucial progress, and some of them were already re-homed.  But for the last group it took a cross-border call for adoption. The keepers and vets, who cared for these yearlings for so long – and the many people, who supported their recovery and the fight for their well-being, are now very relieved. Finally, the horses can start a new life!

Arriving in Hungary
Marusia and Mara were the last of the group to leave the temporary housing in Romania. In the second week of December they were transferred to Hungary, where they arrived safe and sound, and quickly began to adapt. With much delight, they immediately began to eat hay and straw. Their healthy appetite is the best indicator for how well they are doing now. They get plenty of fodder three times a day: oat grass and corn were new to them and they love lucerne. For the time being they stay in quarantine, but they still have several hundred square metres at their disposal, which they make use of extensively. Curious and full of joy of life they explore their new habitat. By now they were joined by two donkeys, with whom they get along splendidly. Marusia and Mara have become much more trusting and allow to be scratched lightly along the neck. They finally have a happy future ahead of them!