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Wild horses in Romania

Vodafone and Help Net support feed deliveries to the Danube Delta

FOUR PAWS is continuing to care for the wild horses in Romania, which were re-released into freedom after a long and breath-taking rescue mission in 2011. Also because disputes had flared up among claims that the animals were damaging the forest in the harsh winters, donation-funded fodder was distributed to the region. Up until now, FOUR PAWS has delivered around 220 tons of forage bales to the nature reserve. This has eased the situation of the sorely afflicted animals perceivably. But also this winter, the horses need to receive further supplementary aid. Now, FOUR PAWS has succeeded in gaining the support of strong partners for this emergency relief: mobile phone giant Vodafone and the leading Romanian community healthcare provider Help Net are contributing 20,000 Euros each.

There are not many wild horses left in Europe. Most of the animals living in the Romanian Danube Delta are descendants of work horses that were left to their own devices after the downfall of the state-run farms. To them, the harsh winters represent a particular challenge. Out of despair and hunger they often gnaw the bark off the trees of the protected woods, which has led to public debates with conservationists and added to the difficulties in providing protection to the horses. The most efficient way of helping these animals quickly are aid deliveries of large amounts of feed, which ensure that they do not have to endure hardship in the winters and get used to the corral built by FOUR PAWS.

Long-term aid for the horses in Letea
The sponsorship agreements signed with Help Net and Vodafone now guarantee, in combination with donations, that the FOUR PAWS teams on site can now rely on more long-term funds to care for the well-being of the wild horses. Apart from the 41 animals, which were saved from the slaughterhouse in the summer of 2011, around 900 more horses are living in the region. For all of them the aid missions mean an existence without suffering – and many of them will only make it through the winter thanks to the feed supplies. The first aid convoy has arrived in Letea the week before Christmas.