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FOUR PAWS is helping working horsess in Petra, Jordan


© FOUR PAWS | Tibor Rauch

Last year, FOUR PAWS started  a new cooperation to improve the lives of working horses in Petra, Jordan. After three interventions, in which together with local veterinarians we were able to help many horses and treat other animals, the stables are now also finished.

In addition, a two-day workshop was organized, during which an recognised horse expert shared his profound knowledge with the owners of the animals. Besides treatments, the owners were also told how to prevent illnesses and injuries of their horses.


The hot summer is sure to come, and therefore we are happy that the resting places and oases of shade are finally ready. Furthermore, we will continue our cooperation with local veterinarians and organise another workshop to achieve long-term improvements for the equids in Petra.

© FOUR PAWS | Tibor Rauch

In the video below you can see both what FOUR PAWS accomplished last year and wants to achieve this year with its partners Princess Alia Foundation and the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority: