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FOUR PAWS awarded more than 650 children from its educational program Children Learn how to Protect Animals

More that 650 children participated in the educational program of FOUR PAWS Children Learn how to Protect Animals during the 2011-2012 school year. This is the biggest success for the program after its start in 2008.

Pupils from the primary classes of schools in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and Dryanovo received their FOUR PAWS certificates for animal-welfare attitude, as well as gifts from the FOUR PAWS’ team. In the course of several months children worked together with their teachers using the educational materials of FOUR PAWS. Children also discussed important topics of the animal world.

While presenting the children with the certificates, the little ones shared personal stories with animals and enacted short plays by finding a solution of an important problem. The children had prepared various models of fauna representatives. Inarguably, FOUR PAWS’ presentations for its animal sanctuaries, done regularly in schools, were among the most interesting things for children.

The educational program is an important part of FOUR PAWS’ work in Bulgaria because the violence against animals is a common problem and the humane attitude toward animals should start building from the early childhood.

Children Learn how to Protect Animals is implemented in the primary classes of the Bulgarian schools with the assistance of teachers and supervisors, and the constant support of FOUR PAWS. All materials are composed by animal-welfare experts and reflect the most serious problems the animal world faces.