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FOUR PAWS gave away diplomas to children from Private School "Roerich", Sofia

FOUR PAWS gave away honorary diplomas to children from Private School Roerich, Sofia, Dragalevtsi District, who took part in the program “Children Learn to Protect Animals”. The pupils were rewarded for their diligence during classes on animal welfare and humanity toward animals.


The children from Roerich now know that only humans have the power to improve animals’ life and to talk about the problems of the animal world with family, friends, neighbours, classmates, etc. That is why FOUR PAWS has created the educational program for primary schools where to introduce classes on animal welfare. It has been proved that protection of animals in the earlier stages of the child’s development creates socially responsible citizens and members of a stronger society.


Private School Roerich will continue to introduce the program of FOUR PAWS to its pupils and show them the boundless world of animals and how to preserve our love and respect toward it.


If your school has not participated in the program “Children Learn to Protect Animals” yet and you want to change that, write to us!