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FOUR PAWS project “Children learn to protect animals” has reached 1392 children in 29 schools in Bulgaria during school year 2015/2016


The educational project “Children learn to protect animals” of the international animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS successfully reached a total of 1394 children from 29 schools and kindergartens in Bulgaria during the academic year 2015/2016. The organization expanded the project in several regions – Razgrad, Vidin and Stara Zagora. For several weeks during the school year, teachers from Sofia and other cities in Bulgaria worked with the children on topics such as “Animals feel,” “Animals have their home as well” and “Animals could be saved.” For the last eight years over 200 teachers and 70 schools were involved in the educational project. 


Children often witness inhumane treatment of animals in their homes or on the streets, in circuses or in zoos. They see adults as role models and this often leads to an incorrect perception of the animals’ part in the human world. Children sometimes even take part in animal cruelty. This definitely shows that animal welfare should be part of the Bulgarian educational system. The activities involved in the project include classes that teach children about the world of animals and how to find solutions to pressing problems through discussions and exercises. In the textbook “Close to animals” there are many ideas for activities and development of small projects in class. 


The project "Children learn to protect animals" is part of the international activities of the organization to educate children about the responsibilities and humanity towards the representatives of the animal world. The project aims through educational programs to change the attitude and behavior of children to respect and understand the world of animals, protect them and defend their rights. Only we, humans, have the ability to do something better for the existence of animals. We ,FOUR PAWS, believe that the protection of animals in early stages of the development of a child creates socially responsible citizens and members of a healthy society.