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End of cooperation with BOSF: New FOUR PAWS project on the way


For several years, FOUR PAWS and the “Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation” (BOSF) have jointly treated injured, abused or confiscated orangutan orphans on Borneo. The cooperation began in 2007 when BOSF was in need of urgent support and FOUR PAWS stepped in to help ensure the organisation could continue its important work to help these mistreated animals. Through this cooperation, both organisations were able to support each other with know-how and resources and thus together help many traumatised orangutan orphans. This cooperation ceased at the end of 2016. BOSF will continue to care for animals in the forest school in Samboja Lestari. 



New FOUR PAWS project in the making

Meanwhile, FOUR PAWS is now concentrating on setting up an independent project in a new forest area with a focus on caring for individual orangutan orphans to give each the best possible chance to survive and prosper following their release into the wild.


With this project in mind, FOUR PAWS helped to set up the Indonesian organisation “Yayasan Jejak Pulang”, which is now in the final stages of negotiating the contractual basis for the new project with the responsible Indonesian authorities.  By using our expertise in an independent project parallel to the activities of BOSF, our goal is to help even more orangutan orphans in the future.


The orangutans from the forest school in Samboja Lestari (Ung, Robert, Justin, Kiki, Sri and Heli), who were cared for by FOUR PAWS and BOSF, will remain in the care of BOSF. BOSF released the orangutans Signe and Saraghi, who were also part of the Samboja Lestari group, into the release area Kehje Sewen in December 2016.

Borneo's orangutans still need our help

The orangutans in Borneo still need all the help they can get.  For decades, 2,000 to 3,000 of them have fallen victim to the palm oil, tropical wood, and coal industries each year. Often these killings are carried out intentionally for a bounty payment, as the orangutans are seen as thieves of the crop in oil palm plantations. Defenceless orphans whose mothers were targeted and killed are illegally sold as pets by animal dealers. This is why it is so important that both BOSF and FOUR PAWS continue and expand their projects to give these persecuted orangutans a second chance, and to restore their dignity.