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Adopt Toto!


© FOUR PAWS | Nikolay Abadjiev

Name: Toto

Sex:  Male

Age: over 10 yo

Temper: very calm and relaxed dog, slow and clumsy, friendly

Size: L

Let’s find a home for Toto!


The friendly dog Toto was the “star” of our calendar for January. Lived for years as a stray, Toto is a 12-year-old big and fluffy dog, that has never experienced true care and love before and now has an urgent need for a home! 


Toto lived near a car repair center, where he received food and some care from the local workers and neighbors. When they noticed that the boy's front right leg had been injured, some people brought him to a veterinary clinic where he received treatment and orthopedic surgery. Unfortunately, the leg did not recover well, so the dog refrained from stepping on it.  


In a while those people contacted FOUR PAWS seeking help. After the vet check our team found a serious inflammation of the elbow joint with a bacterial infection, plus not using the leg has led to atrophy of the muscles. Therefore, the opinion of the orthopedist was outright – Toto's leg had to be amputated. 


Toto is now fully recovered from surgery, but in order to feel well he needs a cozy home with loving people, because after almost a year spent in the clinic, his desire for life has diminished. With each passing day he feels more depressed and needs someone’s attention. 

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

Clumsy, scared and without a paw, it is inconceivable for Toto to return in such condition on the streets again. Therefore, we're looking for a home for him. A little lazy, cute and gentle, Toto loves to rest. With excellent hygienic habits, he does not require a lot of care or long walks. All he needs is to do take a medical supplement for joints with his meals. This fluffy friend could live both indoors and in the yard. 


If you would like to take care of this sweet fluffy friend, please fill out our adoption survey below and we will get in touch with you. 


If you can't adopt him but want to support us, see the ways here.

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