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FOUR PAWS launches a one-month neutering campaign for stray animals in Kyustendil

30.10.2012 – Kyustendil, Sofia

Today FOUR PAWS launches a campaign for neutering, vaccination and deworming of stray and yard dogs and cats in the town of Kyustendil. Experts from the Bulgarian branch of the international animal welfare organization are going to be collecting animals from the “Cherry capital” and its surroundings, and treating them in a unique mobile vet clinic. After a 24-hour stay under medical care, animals will be released where they were first captured.

According to Dr. Marina Ivanova, Project manager of “Stray animal care” Bulgaria, Kyustendil is one of the few district centres in Bulgaria that have been strictly observing and implementing the Animal Protection Law for the last 4 years. “Results are apparent – they have built a modern shelter, they have the stray dog population in the city under control, and now they have to focus their efforts on the source of the issue – uncontrolled breeding and abandonment of house and semi-house animals. FOUR PAWS team is currently in Kyustendil in order to support the municipality and assist it towards the faster solution of the problem. We urge dog and cat owners, who cannot afford to neuter their pets, to bring them to us during our campaign – we will treat them free of charge”.

FOUR PAWS will be working in the town of Kyustendil for the first time. In 2010, during a two-week campaign in the Roma neighborhoods in the district, we neutered 174 animals. This year, once again, our priority are dogs from the Roma districts and the suburbs. FOUR PAWS mobile vet clinic will be positioned within the municipal shelter for stray animals in Glavni rid near the village of Radlovtsi. The team consists of three veterinarians, two dog-catchers and two clinic workers.

FOUR PAWS is the only animal welfare organization with a registered mobile vet clinic and a team for capturing, treating and neutering of stray dogs and cats. The efforts of the organization are directed towards helping animals in need and reducing the number of stray animals in a humane, and yet efficient way – using the method of mass neutering, vaccination, deworming and releasing, that has been recommended by the World Health Organization and the Animal Protection Law.

Since 2008 FOUR PAWS has been assisting those municipalities, which have the desire to solve the stray animal issue in a humane manner, but lack the resources. By the end of 2011 we have organized neutering campaigns in more than 30 municipalities in Bulgaria and treated over 7200 stray dogs and cats.

UPDATE 24.11.2012: 420 stray animals were treated in the FOUR PAWS vet clinic during our four week campaign in Kyustendil. We neutered 385 dogs (226 females and 159 males) and 27 cats, vaccinated 3 animals, and 5 animals received urgent help and prolonged treatment.

You too can support the “Stray animal care” projects by sending a text message reading “DMS lapi” to short code 17 777 (for M-tel, Globul and Vivacom subscribers). The cost of 1 SMS – 1.20 BGN (incl. VAT). All funds raised will be spent on drugs for treatment and neutering of stray animals. For more information visit or