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Clinic for neutering and treatment of stray animals in Bankya

© FOUR PAWS | Yavor Gechev

There have always been stray dogs in Sofia. According to historical records, the issue was mentioned for the first time in 1879, when it was decided they should be killed. By mid-2006 , this remains the official practice, without leading to any results. In September 2006 Sofia Municipality decided to implement the method of mass neutering and vaccination of stray dogs, recommended by the World Health Organization. Since then, the number of dogs, roaming the streets of Sofia, began to slowly decrease - the first official census of stray dogs in Sofia was made in 2004, when their number was estimated at about 16.000 . The last census carried out by Sofia Municipality and FOUR PAWS in 2013 indicated that the number has dropped to less than 7.000.

Permanent solution can only be achieved through mass neutering of house, yard and stray dogs, as well as strict control over pet owners and animal traders.
End of 2012, FOUR PAWS signed a contract for cooperation with Sofia Municipality . Mayor Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova provided the building for the clinic, and FOUR PAWS is committed not only to neuter stray cats and dogs in Sofia but also to promote neutering among pet owners.

The clinic for neutering and treatment of stray animals, which opened in Sofia district of Bankya earlier this year, is housed in a former veterinary clinic and has two floors with a total area of over 200 square meters. The ground floor has the accommodation premises for the animals, and the first floor – the reception, a procedure room, an operating room and a small room for seminars and trainings. It has the most advanced veterinary medical equipment and an experienced team of veterinarians, clinicians and animal catchers. The main task of the team is the neutering of stray and yard dogs and cats, and we hope in time we can focus our efforts primarily on the treatment of injured stray animals. FOUR PAWS commitment is to neuter at least 1,200 animals per year . The clinic is the only one in the capital, which has its own team for capturing and transportation of stray dogs and cats.         

You can make an appointment by calling: +359 888 40 44 47.           

We accept patients.