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Bagira is one of the 15 cats which FOUR PAWS team rescued from an apartment of a deceased man. The animals were extremely thin and weak, including Bagira, but after a few months of constant monitoring and caring she is ready to be someone’s pet again. She is around two years old, calm, affectionate and social. She likes to climb and observe what is going on below. We are looking for caring people who are ready to accept Bagira into their family and let her give them lots of love and joy. Write to us:

Contact us for more information: 0888 40 44 47

2015_6_26_bagiraDSC_1079_1.jpg 2015_6_26_bagira.JPG 2015_6_26_bagiraDSC_1053.JPG 2015_6_26_bagiraDSC_1059.JPG 2015_2_20_bagira.jpg 2015_2_20_bagira_2.jpg