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© FOUR PAWS | Yavor Gechev

The story about Glavcho and his life started like that:

Glavcho is only around one month old, but he is already living a second life thanks to the incredible veterinarians of FOUR PAWS. He was brought to our clinic after an attack by another dog. He had severe fracture on his skull, huge swelling and no chance for survival. The few-hours-operation was successful! As a result of the trauma, FOUR PAWS veterinarians had concernes whether the sight of the little one will be fine and most probably he won't be able to see again. But the good news, after examination in clinic "Nova" are that he didn't lose his sight and there is a big chance to be able to see perfectly again. 


Glavcho is а miracle of the medicine! He got throught something which seemed impossible!

Our biggest wish now is for him is to find his family: responsible people that will give him all the love they have. Write to us on:


© FOUR PAWS | Kristina Stoyanova

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