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When saying that cruelty to animals happens on a mass scale in Bulgaria, we really mean it. 3-month-old puppy Hector is yet another victim in the long list of mutilated street cats and dogs. He was found by a veteran supporter of FOUR PAWS in the village of Mirkovo (70 km away from Sofia) with one of his front paws chopped off. The woman transported Hector to Sofia by train and asked for help – FOUR PAWS owns the only registered veterinary clinic for treatment of stray animals in a radius of more than 100 km around Sofia.

Hector’s operation went very well, his paw was bandaged, he was vaccinated and dewormed. Hector will not survive out in the street on 3 paws, so we are currently looking for someone willing to adopt him. Please write to us at

For more information contact FOUR PAWS clinic: 0888 40 44 47

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Watch our video about Hector: