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And they lived happily ever after... like a cat and a dog!

(June 2019) Mario found his new home where another animal we took care of was waiting for him - cat Gizmo. Besides the new life, the boys are enjoying new names as well - Mario, who is running on three paws, is now called Drei (like the number 3 in German), and cat Gizmo is now Johny. The boys accepted and got used to each other very quickly and proved that the eternal dilemma "a cat or a dog?" could be easily solved - having both!  

We wish happiness to the whole family!

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

Name: Mario

Sex:  male

Age: about 2 yo

Temper: calm, peaceful, slight fear of men, but is overcoming it 

Size: M

Mario from Koprivshtitsa

Mario was brought to us from Koprivshtitsa with a broken hind leg and an extremely infected open wound. Despite the microbiologic tests and antibiotic treatment, the wound couldn’t heal, which led to muscle atrophy. Unfortunately, the leg couldn’t be kept and had to be amputated.   


Now Mario is in perfect shape. He feels great running, jumping and playing. The fact that he lacks a leg doesn’t bother him at all. The only thing he misses is a home and family. The people that brought him, initially stated that they would adopt him. But as time passed, they left the idea and Mario in the past.


If you would like to support us to rescue more stray animals, you can find the ways here.

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

2019_04_17_dog_Mario_01_res.jpg 2019_04_17_dog_Mario_04_res.jpg 2019_01_30_dog_Mario_res_07.jpg 2019_01_30_dog_Mario_res_06.jpg