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We beg you if there is a health problem with your pet or with an animal on the street go to a veterinarian who has graduated and never try to treat the sick animal by youself!


This is the case with Viktoriya. We received a signal that she is wandering on the street with an enormous tumor. Our team captured her and brought her into our clinic. FOUR PAWS veterinarians examined her and it turned out that her vulva, urethra and part of her bladder had fallen out. At least two weeks she was in this condition before some "good" man have decided to "help" her by tying together the area with a band. This caused her tissues to grow together. 


Viktoriya had four-hours operation and our veterinarians managed to put into place her urethra and bladder. She is getting better with every day! What we want for her now is to have a home. Viki is around two years old, gentle and social. Write to us on:

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