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Another injured stray dog on the street… What makes his story different is the responsible attitude of the man who could not stop his car on time.

This is Zoro. He is a 7 months old, friendly dog, hit by a car. Fortunately for him the car stopped. Zoro was taken to the nearest veterinary clinic and after an X-ray it turned out that he has fracture of the pelvis. He needed operation and someone to look after him until he gets better. He decided to contact FOUR PAWS clinic in Sofia and ask for help. After he brought Zoro into our clinic he was examined and put on antibiotics and analgesics.

We need your help finding a home and responsible owners for the poor dog. Ask your friends, share his story or if you like Zoro and you want him to become part of your family write to us on:


For more information, please, contact us: 0888 40 44 47

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