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Neutering of Stray Cats

The World Stray Animals Day was celebrated for a first time this year on April 4. FOUR PAWS chose exactly that day for the start for the first time a project for neutering of stray cats in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Those citizens who take care of stray cats in the streets will also be able to take care that they do not reproduce. There have always been stray cats in Sofia, but now, with the reduction of the number of stray dogs, their population is expected to rise. There is no funding provided by the municipality for stray cat neutering programs and this is why FOUR PAWS decided to help.

Everyone willing to neuter a stray cat has to ask for a voucher from the office of FOUR PAWS and take the animal to one of the partner veterinary clinics. The surgery there will be for free, since FOUR PAWS covers the costs.

FOUR PAWS hope to stimulate a more responsible attitude towards stray cats and to convince people that taking care of them means much more than just feeding them. FOUR PAWS runs similar projects in other countries like Switzerland, Austria and Germany, where there is also a growing number of stray and wild cats.