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FOUR PAWS project for neutering of stray cats continues in 2017


The organization neutered 2749 cats in Bulgaria in 2016

© FOUR PAWS | Marcel Fens

6 years ago international animal welfare charity FOUR PAWS started a project for free of charge neutering of stray cats in cooperation with some of the largest veterinary clinics in Sofia. With each passing year, the project increases its popularity, leading to more neutered stray and yard cats. 

In 2016 alone the number of neutered, vaccinated against rabies and dewormed cats in our partner clinics is 1178. Since the beginning of the project in 2011 the number is 6127 and adding to this the cats neutered at the FOUR PAWS clinic in Sofia increases the total up to 10 797. Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who capture and transport stray cats in Sofia, the birth of over a quarter of million unhappy, hungry and living in miserable conditions animals was prevented.