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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do stray animals have to be neutered?

Neutering is the only way to control the population of stray animals in an efficient and at the same time animal-friendly way. Generally, cats have a very high rate of reproduction. A cat can give birth twice per year to a litter of about 4 kittens. Thus only in two years the offspring of a single pair of cats can reach 64 cats and kittens. Cats are territorial animals but as their number grows, the resources of their territory dwindle. Small kittens become unwanted as they are potential competitors for food and territory. Due to their age, they can become victims of older cats or simply be chased away. Learning about the world around them, they often do not survive and are shot, poisoned or hit by cars. Very often small kittens are also victims of diseases. Overall, a very small number of the cats reach maturity and only single cats reach the age of 5. Neutering helps to reduce the animals that inhabit a territory and thus prevents death due to diseases and accidents.

Is neutering good for the health of the cat?

Here are a few of the benefits of neutering:

  • Neutered cats do not reproduce;
  • Marking of the territory is greatly reduced or disappears;
  • Reduced risk of diseases of the reproductive organs
  • Reduced desire to run away and roam in search of a cat from the opposite sex
  • Reduced risk of tumors of the mammal glands (especially if neutered at an early age)
  • Reduced costs for veterinary care

Isn't it better to use pills rather than neuter a cat?

The relatively low price of the hormonal pills make them a popular and overused means to control the reproduction of cats. However, recent research shows that they can have very bad and even lethal effect on the animals, including: chronic disorders of the reproductive organs, inflammations, change in the hormonal balance of the organism and tumors.

How can I take part in this project?

If you take care of a stray cat and would like to have it neutered, you have to take a coupon from our office in Sofia. One coupon is valid for one neutering surgery of a male or female cat. The coupon is valid only at the clinics that are our partners in this project. After taking the FOUR PAWS coupon, you should make an appointment with the clinic and take the cat for neutering at the appointed date and hour.

Do I have to pay anything at the clinic after I present the FOUR PAWS coupon?

FOUR PAWS will cover all the expenses for the surgery as well as for vaccination against rabies, deworming and a 24-hour post-operation accommodation at the clinic. In case the animal needs other treatment or  has to stay longer at the clinic, then the expenses are covered by the person who is taking care of that cat.

Do I have to prepare the cat for the surgery?

Ideally, the cat should not eat and drink water 12 h. prior to the surgery.

Does FOUR PAWS help in capturing the cats?

No, our resources are very limited and we can not help with the capturing.

Can I take my pet cat for neutering with the coupons of FOUR PAWS?

No, the coupons are valid only for stray cats.

Are neutered cats marked?

Yes, every cat that is neutered with the Stray Cats Neutering Project of FOUR PAWS will have a tattoo with a number on the inside of one of the ears. The tip of the other ear will be cut horizontally, so that people can recognize from a distance that the cat has been neutered.

In which Bulgarian towns/cities does the Stray Cats Neutering Project operate?

Currenly we work only with veterinary clinics from Sofia.

Is there any other way to take part in this project?

Yes, you can support our Stray Cats Neutering Project by making a donation. This will help us neuter as many cats as possible. Thank you in advance!