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Our free neutering campaign for stray cats in Sofia continues in 2014!


In 2011 FOUR PAWS launched the first of its kind mass neutering campaign for stray cats in Sofia. Between April 2011 and December 2013 a total of 3578 cats were neutered in the 6 veterinary clinics we are partnering with. The credit is all yours - the people who take their time to capture and transport the animals. In 2015 we will have a budget for 1000 surgeries, which we will carry out using our coupon system. On the first working day of each month we will distribute exactly 100 coupons at our office, which will be valid for 2015 only, and we will allow only 2 coupons per person. We now work with 8 veterinary clinics from almost all districts of Sofia - see the list of our partners.


In order to increase the number of cats neutered in the campaign, we are relying on your donation - per bank account or PayPal.

Onetime donation via PayPal

Subscribtion for monthly donation