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FOUR PAWS working in Bucharest


One year partenership signed between FOUR PAWS and the City Hall

3.05.2012, Bucharest


FOUR PAWS Romania and the City Hall of Bucharest signed a Protocol for launching a major neutering project in the romanian Capital. The campaign, organized at the request of the City Hall, will last one year, between the 1 September 2012 - 31st of August 2013.



During this time, the FOUR PAWS teams of veterinary medics and technicians will catch, sterilize, vaccinate and register the stray dogs and cats. The medics will operate in a clinic owned by the City Hall, but also using the mobile clinics of the Foundation.


„I want to thank to my old friends from VIER PFOTEN, with whom we had the pleasure to collaborate last year. We decided to continue this collaboration because, in the past, whenever they promised something, they delivered”, declared today Sorin Oprescu, the mayor of Bucharest. „Some people say that the stray animal situation can be solved over night, but my opinion is that it can only be possible if you call the National Guard and send the dogs to Thanatos. The phrase mass euthanasia doesn’t fit into my vocabulary nor my professionat conduit. This is an alienation! I thank to the civil society representatives for their help and I insure them of my full support”, added the mayor.


Based on the Protocol, VIER PFOTEN will neuter the stray cats and dogs, and the municipality guaratees that nor they or their partners will engage in actions of killing or harming the animals.


„This Protocol is a big step towards forward for solving the stray animal situation in Bucharest. We are happy that the authorities realised that the only efficient solution for solving the problem is the sterilization of the animals. We don’t want animals on the streets. On the contrary, we want to limit their proliferation. That’s the reason for engaging with full energy in such a big project”, declared Anca Tomescu, coordinator for “Stray animal care” program, VIER PFOTEN Romania.


The last session of neutering stray cats and dogs in Buchares was held by VIER PFOTEN between September 2011 – March 2012, based on a similar Protocol. Until the start of the neutering campaing for the whole city, VIER PFOTEN vets will continue the neutering campaign started in a district of the Capital.