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Grivita, the story of a miraculous survival


© FOUR PAWS | George Nedelcu

On Wednesday (2.10.2013), VIER PFOTEN team responded to a call from a lady living in the Railway Central Station area in Bucharest, who knew the friendly dog living around the block and being fed by the locals. By a miracle, the dog survived to a horrible attack with a heavy object, that completely sectioned her superior jaw and fractured her mandible. Our vets gave her the first aid, and took her to a radiology clinic to evaluate the damage.

© FOUR PAWS | George Nedelcu

The dog received professional treatment on Friday 4th October from a veterinary team led by Dr. Iustin Girea from the Ortovet Clinic, and our vets Anca Tomescu and Ovidiu Rosu. Her wounds were cleaned to lessen the risk of infection, and the broken bones of the lower jaw were operated on and fixed.

© FOUR PAWS | George Nedelcu

She's ok now, she can eat and drink water, and the inflammation reduced significantly. , Grivita was transferred on Thursday (10.10.2013) from the clinic Ortovet to Speranta Shelter, where she received a lovely yellow paddock inside a special closed facility. In spite her trauma and the gravity of the case, the dog has a positive tonus, and her health evolution is good. She can eat canned food by herself, she’s very happy to be pet and she wags her tail every time when she’s called. In two weeks, she’ll be operated again. The vets will try to fix her respiratory system, in order to breath also on the nose, not only on her mouth.

A lot of people expressed intention to adopt Grivitza. She's a very positive and kind creature, very happy to be pet in spite what happened to her. The police opened an investigation to find the perpetrator. The vet team was conducted by Dr Iustin Girea, from Ortovet clinic, and our vets Anca Tomescu and Ovidiu Rosu.