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Romania: FOUR PAWS adoption campaigns is bearing fruit


Over 400 stray dogs were neutered and confided to new owners. FOUR PAWS calls on authorities to take decisive action against animal cruelty offenders

After the Romanian Constitutional Court had given way to mass killing of stray dogs end of September, FOUR PAWS immediately started to campaign for a nationwide adoption of stray dogs in Romania – with success. Up to now the international animal welfare organisation has castrated over 400 stray dogs brought by people who took over responsibility for them.

© George Nedelcu/VIER PFOTEN

In a vet clinic in Bucharest’s 6th District, FOUR PAWS offers a free of charge all-over check to the new dog owners. “We  neuter and deworm stray dogs people want to adopt, and also take care of registration and identification”, says Gabriel Paun, director of campaigns FOUR PAWS. “Adoption is the only way to save the dogs’ lives. The conditions in public shelters are abominable. We are glad that more and more Romanians are adopting a dog from the streets now”.


The “Adopta Salveaza” campaign (meaning “adopt & save”) is also supported by Romanian celebrities such as the well known pop singer Paula Seling, the actress Monica Davidescu or the former world champion WBA at boxing, Leonard Doroftei. In order to facilitate adoptions, FOUR PAWS Romania has set up a special Facebook page with detailed information on how to adopt a stray dog.

© George Nedelcu/VIER PFOTEN

Until the full implementation of the new law, euthanasia of healthy stray dogs is still forbidden. Although there are no direct proofs that the city halls have started mass killings, there are reports about the horrible conditions in public dog shelters. Not only that they are overcrowded, very dirty and that big size and small size dogs are kept together, the animals lack food, medical care and sunlight. Due to excessive bureaucracy the adoption procedure is very complicated in public shelters, and some of  them even deny any access – according to FOUR PAWS a lack of transparency that can seriously put under question the city hall intentions.


The killing of animals by private individuals is of course against the law. Gabriel Paun: “We often learn about tragic abuses by individuals. The case of Grivita has become internationally known. An unknown person smashed her head and left her mutilated for life. Our vets rescued her”. FOUR PAWS  took the mutilated dog to Speranta, an animal shelter outside Bucharest. Almost 700 dogs are already living in this shelter, which is supported by the organisation and has recently been enlarged.

© George Nedelcu/VIER PFOTEN

“However, many other  dogs are dead. We submitted already over 30 legal complaints to the authorities against killers and instigators – so far we haven’t got any reaction. We believe that the Romanian government should immediately solve these cases and others in order to put an end to killing and rehabilitate the country's image", closes Paun.